Looking at things in a new light.

Spring is here. And the brighter days are flooding our lives, filling us with motivation and aspirations.

At this time of year the sunlight also fills out homes and we realise that the cave we have been hibinating in all winter is a bit dusty, and the paint work is scuffed. The sofa is bloody filthy and their is cat hair everywhere. Or is that just me?

A spring clean is tradional, but it is also a great time to refresh our homes and add some vibrance or an element of calm. To chuck out old clothes, unread books, sort out the kids toys. It can be cathartic, but it can also be expensive.

Adding a new edge to your home doesn’t mean you have to throw out the old and throw money at the new.


A third of landfill comes from furniture. Many charity shops have so much secondhand furniture donated to them that they can’t keep up. There is a four to six week window to sell, and then, off to the tip.It is a phanominal waste of resources and money and hugely damaging to our planet.


Summer sky

Luckily, there is an ever growing army, of hugely talented, inspired and hard working upcyclers who can make unwanted furniture highly desirable.

And guess what? I bet my bottom  dollar there is one living near you, accepting commission work right now . Check out http://www.upcycledhour.co.uk to find out more.

So you don’t have to buy a new dining room table or wardrobe, or coffee table…  Look at your sideboard in a new light, scroll through Pinterest for inspiration. Dip your big toe into the fabulous Upcycled furniture market on Etsy And open your home to new possibilities.


Big bold and blue


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