Opportunity knocks.

It is amazing what you can buy for a fiver in a secondhand shop. These two beauties, Ercol, vintage lovelies, were £5 for the pair in a North East charity shop.

A customer brought them to me for a make over, and like so many bargain hunters, she couldn’t resist slipping in the price tag of her fabulous purchase.

Second hand shops are a passion of mine. A hobby, a way to relax and zone out. I have to be in the right frame of mind, but when I am I run the gauntlet of shops from an area of the city, I do Gosforth, Wallsend, or the Weat End.

In Australia they call charity shops ‘opp shops’ short for opportunity shops, and that is exactly what they are. You can never be sure if you will find anything you need per say, but there is opportunity in abundance. Food for thought, options to consider, chances to take and possibilities to enjoy.

The first coat of paint is on, my client chose the colours, and they are nearly ready to begin their new life as dining chairs for a family of four in Billy Northumberland.



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