Roadside Rescue.

Where there is muck there is brass, as my nana used to say. And look what I found next to some wheelie bins in Wallsend this week.

Our house is fit to burst it is so full of furniture. The last thing I needed to haul home was a six foot high hall stand. But that is exactly what I did. And who could resis this hand carved Art Deco beauty?

The stand has four fabulous engraved hat and coat hooks, a mirror and oodles of charm. Luckily for me, the owner said I could take it away. Like most people throwing anything out she would rather see it go to good use than end up in a hole in the ground.

As delightful as this item is, it does need work. I have treated it for woodworm, and I will see how it scrubs up. The umbrella stand is broken and two pegs are missing so the holes will need to be filled and desguised.

Im sure it will win a place in someone’s heart and someone’s home. It certainly isn’t fit for landfill.

Ill keep you posted. More photos available on my Facebook page; RecycledbyJessica.


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